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Exceptions to French pronunciation stress on ultimate syllable?  


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4 August 2020 4:24  

Hi. So I heard a person speaking in English trying to pronounce in French the name Éric. The stressed syllable was the penultimate syllable. If I remember correctly, French words that have two or more syllables are always pronounced with the stress on the ultimate syllable. Are there exceptions to French pronunciation the ultimate syllable? Je pensai que le nom Éric se prononcerait é-RIC et ne pas É-ric. What is the correct pronunciation?


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4 August 2020 9:29  

Bonjour -

There is no individual word stress in French. Instead, French stresses the last syllable of what are known as rhythmic groups ( ).

So if you say for example, Éric est intelligent, the stress would be on -gent.

When trying to mimic English word stress, French speakers are likely to stress the last syllable of any given word, but in French this does not exist.


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