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Question regarding verb agreement with past participles  


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17 October 2017 15:50  

On a French exercise, I wrote the following three sentences. I was told the first two are incorrect and the third one is correct. Can anyone explain to me why? I thought they all should agree with the subject because they all come after the verb "etre" and are all reflexive. My sentences (the first two incorrect, the last correct) are as follows:

Ils se sont plus. (should be "plu")

Les rois se sont succedes. (should be succede)

Ils se sont prepares.

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18 October 2017 1:14  

Bonjour -

It's because both plaire and succéder require the preposition à, which means that se is an indirect object here, rather than direct. The past participle only agrees when it's a direct object.

See the list of other verbs like this toward the end of

Joined: 3 years ago
Posts: 3
18 October 2017 3:18  

Ahh! Thank you so much! I appreciate your quick response and the resources you put in the link.


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