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Verb agreement with past participles, v.2

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So, here is another question regarding verb agreement with past participles. The exercise I completed had this as the correct answer:

Ils se sont tendu les bras. I had marked that it was "tendues" because it refers to a body part that is a direct object, so shouldn't the verb agree with the plural direct object? It does in this sentence "Ils se sont serre la main," which I got correct. It seems that "Ils se sont tendu les bras" should follow the same rule. Why do the two sentences have different answers?

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First, it couldn't possibly be tendues because that is femimine plural, and both the subject ils and object bras are masculine, so if agreement were required, it would tendus.

That said, there is no agreement anyway because the direct object bras follows the verb. See part 3)

I don't understand your comment about Ils se sont serré la main - that has no agreement either, for the same reason.


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