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Indirect object pronoun and direct object pronoun

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I am learning about indirect object pronoun and direct object pronoun. I saw these two sentences and was confused and hoping you can help me clarify the reason

#1 Tu devrais prefer attention when ce qu'il dit becomes Tu devrais y prefer attention when ce qu'il dit

But this next sentence is

#Je ferai parvenir ce document à votre avocat becomes Je le lui ferai parvenir ce document à votre avocat.


So my question is why is the direct pronoun in the first sentence after the conjugated verb and in the second sentence the direct object is before the conjugated pronoun? Is it because the second sentence with a preposition?


Thanks for your help

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Bonjour Nicole,

There are a few issues here and to be honest I think this is beyond your current French level, but I'll try to answer as simply as I can.

Your first example is a weird mix of French and English and I'm not even sure what you're trying to say. I think you mean prêter (not "prefer") but I don't know why you have "when" in there.

"y" is not a direct object pronoun, it's an adverbial pronoun:

As for your actual question, no - the word order has nothing to do the preposition. It's a question of which verb the pronoun(s) belong to. In the first sentence, the pronoun y goes with "prêter attention", so the pronoun precedes prêter. In the second, the pronouns go with "faire parvenir", so the pronoun precedes faire.

Some lessons you might find helpful:


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