Bonjour tout le monde !

Welcome to a special Sunday supplement of the Lawless French newsletter. I send these very occasionally with special offers.

A new school year offers a fresh start for your French studies and practice. (Or even a normal start: if you're new to French, bienvenue ! Please take a look at my self-study course.)

For those of you continuing your studies, félicitations ! Now is the perfect time to take a proficiency test to see how you're doing - and to set a benchmark you can look back at next semester and next year. (You will need to sign up for an account to take the test, but it's free and worth the effort!)

It's also important to practice regularly, and to help you do that, I have two special offers for you.

Yabla - French videos

First up is Yabla, a subscription site with a massive collection of original videos featuring native speakers to help you learn and practice French at any level. It also includes a very sophisticated, real-time correcting dictée program called Scribe. Click either of those links for more info, then click this one to get 15% off a one-year subscription.

Think French - Back to School Sale

For intermediate listening practice, take a look at the monthly audiomagazine Think French. Many of my listening exercises are based on these sound files, so if you like them, you'll love Think French, which also includes mini grammar lessons and listen-and-repeat exercises. It's on sale for nearly 50% off.

Of course, Lawless French is also packed with free resources to help you learn, practice, and teach la langue de Molière, so be head over there whenever you want to work on your French.

That's it for now - I hope this year will be the best one ever. Bonne continuation et bon dimanche !