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• Comme d'habitude

• Ne explétif

• Nouvel An en France

• Past Imperative

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Trop de boulot, comme d'habitude

As usual, this lesson on the essential French expression comme d'habitude is just a click away.

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Ne explétif - Non-negation in French

Don't worry, it's not a swear word. In French, explétif is a grammatical term that serves only to draw attention to what precedes it.

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Learn how to celebrate New Year's in France with this listening comprehension exercise.

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French past imperative

To give an order for something to be done before something else or by a certain time, you can use the French past imperative.

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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, something else, or nothing at all, we have a special festive offer for you.

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