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• Perdre Expressions

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• À rebours

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French expressions with perdre

The French verb perdre, "to lose," is found in many idiomatic expressions, including to get mixed up, to waste time, and to go crazy. Learn these and dozens of other French expressions featuring perdre.

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Learn a bit about teaching French as a second language while working on your own language skills.

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French magnetic poetry

Magnetic poetry is a fun little tool you can use to learn and practice French. 500 magnets with words and parts of words help you to express yourself in a unique and creative way.

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À rebours = against the nap

Go against the grain with this lesson on the French expression à rebours.

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Some liaisons in front of a vowel or h muet are optional, which means it up to you to decide whether to pronounce them. However, that decision matters: more liaisons means more formal speech, so obviously fewer liaisons means more informal, possibly even familiar speech.

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French quizzes

For a quick and easy way to practice French every day, check out my social media accounts dedicated to French quizzes.

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