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• Victor Hugo and Les Misérables

• Verbs with pour

• Battre la chamade

• Imperative Conjugations

• Daily Quizzes

Listening comprehension exercise about Victor Hugo and his most famous novel, Les Misérables.

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French verbs that require prepositions

A number of French verbs require the preposition pour in front of a noun or infinitive.

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Battre la chamade

Your heart will pound as you read this lesson on the idiomatic French expression battre la chamade.

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French imperative conjugations are relatively easy, as for most verbs they're identical to their present tense conjugations (without the subject pronoun). In addition, the imperative exists only for three grammatical persons instead of the normal six!

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French quizzes

For a quick and easy way to practice French every day, check out my social media accounts dedicated to French quizzes.

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