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• Cycling Terms

• Flippant (mot du jour)

• Fête du Canada

• Tag Questions

• C'est cadeau

• PwLF Summer Sale

French cycling terms

For all the bike enthusiasts and Tour de France fanatics out there, here are some French terms to help you enjoy your ride and get the most out of the competition.

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An interesting word to start a new month. This is a free sample of my intermediate/advanced mot du jour (5 days per week for $5/month).

Learn about flippant

La Fête du Canada commémore la naissance du pays le 1er juillet.

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French tag questions

A really easy way to ask questions is by ending a regular statement with an interrogative word or phrase, known as a tag question.

Hein ? Pas vrai ? Learn 'em all!

C'est cadeau

Check out this lesson on the French expression c'est cadeau - on the house!

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Summer sale

School's out for summer but Progress with Lawless French never sleeps! If you want to keep improving your French, take advantage of this special offer from my co-branded site to save 10% on a quarterly subscription.

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