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• Un ange passe

• Christmas vocab

• Hanukkah vocab

• Visiter vs Rendre visite

• TV News, Documentaries, Game Shows


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, something else, or nothing at all, we have a special festive offer for you.

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Un ange passe

Break an awkward silence with the French expression un ange passe.

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French Christmas vocabulary

Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the world, though the exact traditions and foods vary greatly. Here are some general French Christmas terms to help you celebrate.

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French Hanukkah vocabulary

Happy Hanukkah! This festival lasts for eight days sometime between late November and the end of each year. Learn some French vocabulary related to this Jewish holiday.

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Visiter vs rendre visite

The French verb visiter is a cognate, so it's easy to think it's a perfect equivalent for "to visit." Unfortunately, it's not.

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Watch French news, documentaries, and game shows on TV to work on your French listening comprehension while learning something new.

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Lequel est le moins cher ?

The French word lequel has several different functions and forms.

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