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• Neuter Object Pronoun

• inOUI, c'est inouï

• Chanter comme une casserole

• Adjectives Functioning as Adverbs

French object pronouns

The object pronoun le can be used impersonally to replace intangibles like adjectives, verbs, and clauses.

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The French high-speed train TGV is being rebranded as inOUI, and not everyone is happy about it.

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Chanter comme une casserole

Don't quit your day job with the idiomatic French expression chanter comme une casserole.

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French adjectives that function as adverbs

By definition, adjectives modify nouns. But more than 30 French adjectives can sometimes modify verbs instead, thus taking on the role and characteristics of adverbs, including the fact that they are invariable.

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Three years of Lawless French!

Lawless French is now three years, and I think it's becoming a really useful site. Here's what's been happening.

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