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• Faillir

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Avoir une dent contre quelqu'un

Learn to hold a grudge with the idiomatic French expression avoir une dent.

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Faillir - to almost do

Faillir has no direct verbal English equivalent when used as a semi-auxiliary verb; English needs an adverb or a short phrase to capture the meaning, such as "to almost do."

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Progress with Lawless French super lists

Take your Progress with Lawless French account to the next level with these super study lists that bring together all the lessons on a particular grammar topic.

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French expressions with y

The adverbial pronoun y is packed with meaning, especially in idiomatic expressions. Learn how to say let's go, don't count on it, it was to be expected, and more French expressions with y.

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French tennis terms

Tennis, anyone? No matter if you love to play or just enjoy watching, knowing some essential French tennis vocabulary will make the game a lot more interesting.

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