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• Tout à l'heure

• Impersonal Pronouns

• Consonants for Beginners

• Prepositions with Nouns

• Les Présidentielles

• One Third Stories

Tout à l'heure

In a moment, you'll be able to say you learned the French expression tout à l'heure a moment ago.

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French impersonal pronouns

Impersonal pronouns do not have different forms for each grammatical person, though some have different forms that agree with the nouns they replace.

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French consonants

More than half of French consonants are very similar to their English countparts, but a few are completely different. Here's a quick overview to help you get started learning French.

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French prepositions with nouns

Generally speaking, articles are much more common in French than in English, but there are exceptions, such as when certain prepositions are followed by nouns.

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Short video of the results of the first round of French election results. Great number practice!


One third French stories

One Third Stories is a monthly box subscription with a language-learning twist. Each month features a story that starts out in English, then gradually adds French words until by the end, the entire story is in French.

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