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• Prepositions with Nouns

• Les PrĂ©sidentielles

• One Third Stories

• Election Terms

• Mettre le doigt

French prepositions with nouns

Generally speaking, articles are much more common in French than in English, but there are exceptions, such as when certain prepositions are followed by nouns.

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Short video of the results of the first round of French election results. Great number practice!


One third French stories

One Third Stories is a monthly box subscription with a language-learning twist. Each month features a story that starts out in English, then gradually adds French words until by the end, the entire story is in French.

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French election vocabulary

In French election years, newspapers are filled with an array of specialized words and phrases you might not be familiar with. Here's some essential vocabulary to help you make sense of everything.

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Mettre le doigt

This lesson will help you put your finger on several French expressions featuring the phrase mettre le doigt.

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