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• Bonnet blanc et blanc bonnet

• Easter

• Easter sale at Progress w/ Lawless French

• Idées pour vivre ensemble

• Answering questions

Bonnet blanc et blanc bonnet

It makes no difference whether you read this lesson on the French expression bonnet blanc et blanc bonnet on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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French Easter vocabulary

In 2017, Easter is on 16 April, and the week immediately preceding Easter (Sunday to Saturday) is called Holy Week. Here's all the French vocabulary you need to celebrate this Christian period of renewal.

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Easter sale

Easter bunnies and church bells are bringing more than eggs this year - they've also got a special offer from Progress with Lawless French: save 10% on a monthly subscription.

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Ideas collected from kids on how to live well with each other. The grammar and vocab are fairly simple, but the young narrator speaks quickly, so it's great listening practice.


French questions

In English, you can only answer yes / no questions with variations on the themes of yes, no, and I don't know. French, however, has another possibility: yes in response to no.

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