Bonjour tout le monde !

Someone emailed me the other day complaining that there is no single, comprehensive resource on the internet for learning French independently. This is true. Even Lawless French, of which I am inordinately proud, is inherently limited due to lack of time and resources. I'm just one person after all, I can't do everything.

To be fair, even taking a class isn't truly comprehensive - you still have to study and do homework, and if you're really serious about your French, read, join a club, travel, etc.

Some resources are more useful than others, though, and one that I've become extremely fond of is Scribe, a sophisticated dictée program from Yabla. The French love dictées, and with good reason: they're excellent for working on your listening comprehension as well as spelling, vocabulary, and grammar all at the same time. All you need to do a dictée on your own is a decent sound file with a transcript, but Scribe takes this simple activity to a whole new level, offering real-time feedback and audio speed control.

It's pretty neat, and the availability of the translation is fantastic for when you just cannot make out a word. Want to give it a try? I've got more info, instructions, and sample videos here: Scribe dictées.

That's it for today, I'm off to the brocante.

Bonne continuation et bon dimanche !