Bonjour tout le monde !

I'm feeling very lazy today so I'm going to just sit back and watch some videos - in French, so that I feel like I'm being productive. My current obsession is Yabla, which has videos on all kinds of topics (and at every level). What's really nice is that the videos are just a few minutes long, so I can fit them in around cooking and in between emails.

I'm also thinking back to a year ago when I was nearing the end of a 5-week stay in Paris. I'd decided to go practically on the spur of the moment (got the idea Thursday night and flew out on Sunday) and therefore hadn't planned everything as well as I would have normally, but it was a great trip. I met a lot of people and even took a few classes - though not the accent perfection ones I'd wanted to because I got strep throat within a week of arriving.

Another thing I wish I'd done is the Hop on, Hop off bus tour. I know it's pure tourist, but I've done it in other cities and it really is a great way to get a feel for the city and a quick overview of the main sites so that you can figure out where you want to spend some time. (Plus, I always crack up when I remember the parents on it in the movie Tanguy.) The thing is, as many times as I've been to Paris, I've almost always traveled by métro, so my mental map is screwy. Speaking of the métro, I just discovered a fascinating series of articles: Le secret derrière les noms des stations de métro.

Et voilà, time to figure out what I'm cooking today. Bon dimanche et à bientôt !