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• Avoir la pêche

• IPA for Consonants

• A2 dictée : Au cirque

• Suffix -ée

• Pronommeur

• Rugby Terms

• ficher - Mot du jour

• Holidays and Events: Le vendredi treize

Avoir la pêche

You'll feel peachy after reading this lesson on the informal French idiom avoir la pêche.

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French IPA - Consonants

French has a total of 20 French consonant sounds, and thus 20 IPA symbols for these sounds. However, three of these sounds are only in words borrowed from other languages and one is very rare, so there are really just 16 French essential consonant sounds.

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Practice your French listening and writing skills with this A2-level dictée:

   Au cirque

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French suffix -ée

The French suffix -ée is added to nouns or verbs to make new nouns, which are usually feminine. It can add one of any number of meanings to the word.

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In the grand tradition of The Subjunctivisor, here's an interactive tool that will help you determine what kind of French pronoun you might be dealing with.

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French rugby terms

On Saturday, France defeated Argentina 23 to 21 in an exciting Rugby World Cup match. Here's some French vocabulary to help you get the most out of any rugby matches you might watch or play.

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Today's mot du jour is ficher. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

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Features related to holidays and events in the French-speaking world, plus some celebratory expressions:

• bonne fête

• faire le pont

• Vive la France !

French holidays and celebrations