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• First Names

• Adverbs of Frequency

• Prendre une décision

• Past Infinitive

• Quiz: Interrogatives

• une bagnole - Mot du jour

• Holidays and Events

French first names

There are hundreds of common French first names. Some look just like their English counterparts, others are fairly similar, and still others are uniquely French. These pages include more than 200 of the most popular French names, along with their pronunciation and English equivalents.

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French adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of frequency express how often the action of a verb occurs.

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Prendre une décision

Make the decision right now to learn how to use the French expression prendre une décision.

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French past infinitive

When one thing happens before another, you can use the French past infinitive to talk about the earlier action. In English, the past infinitive is very stilted, so it's usually loosely translated into more idiomatic phrasing.

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Test yourself on French interrogatives with Conférence de presse.

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Today's mot du jour is une bagnole. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

Learn a word a day

Features related to holidays and events in the French-speaking world.

• La Rentrée (2 septembre)

Useful expressions:

• bonne fête

• faire le pont

• Vive la France !

French holidays and celebrations