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• Rien à voir

• Avoir Lesson

• Quiz: Passé composé vs Imparfait

• Shapes

• Introduction to Verbs

• emballer - Mot du jour

• Holidays and Events

Le 2CV n'a rien à voir avec les voitures modernes.

There's nothing to see here! Except, of course, a lesson on the French expression rien à voir.

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Avoir - French verb

Avoir is one of the two most important French verbs and has irregular conjugations in just about every tense and mood. Avoir literally means "to have" but also serves an an auxiliary verb and is found in many idiomatic expressions.

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Test yourself on passé composé vs imparfait with Dimanche à Chartres, or review the lesson.

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French shapes

Lots of things come in "all shapes and sizes." Here's the French vocab you need to go into detail regarding the first part of that description.

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French verbs

Verbs are action words that express the action or state of being of a sentence. French verbs have five to six different conjugations for each tense and mood.

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Today's mot du jour is emballer. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

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Features related to holidays and events in the French-speaking world.

• La Rentrée (2 septembre)

Useful expressions:

• bonne fête

• faire le pont

• Vive la France !

French holidays and celebrations