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Bonjour à toutes et à tous !

The new school year is just around the corner so I've put together this supplemental issue of the newsletter for teachers. Here are a few features that I hope you'll find helpful in getting ready to go back to school. Bon courage !

If you're not a teacher, don't despair - you might be interested in a one or two of the links below, but if not, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled newsletter with lessons and practice exercises on Tuesday. Bon dimanche !

First French class

Whether you're a brand-new teacher or an experienced prof, it can be daunting to meet new students and introduce them to the wonderful world of French. Here are some ideas shared by French teachers for getting started on the first day of French class.

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Did this article help? Do you have other ideas for first day activities? Visit the Profs de français forum to chat with, ask for help from, or share what works with your virtual colleagues.

French class phrases

The best way to encourage students to speak French in the classroom is to make sure that they know how to say all the things that they need to say. Once you teach them these useful words and phrases, your students should be able to avoid speaking English during any normal classroom interaction.

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The lessons and other pages indexed here include a selection of links to topical French lesson plans. Just scroll down to the related links section and look for the apple!

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By organizing students into Studygroups, you can review their Progress with Lawless French stats, both individually and collectively. Your Studygroup Coordinator account is always free.

As for students, basic accounts (with limited, ongoing monthly access) are free, and there are substantial discounts for bulk purchases of Premium accounts (with unlimited kwizzes, weekly dictées and writing challenges, and interactive brainmaps).

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French dicteés

Dictées are a classic way to practice French, even for native speakers. For them, dictées are a test of grammar (particularly agreement) and spelling - sort of like super-charged spelling bees. For French students, dictées are an excellent form of combined listening and writing practice.

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Essential French tools

Learning and practicing French is easier, more effective, and more fun with the right tools. Here are some of my favorites.

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You are welcome to print any page on Lawless French for personal use and you may also make copies for your students, provided that you include the url.

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I try to include links to holidays and events coming within the next month or so in the regular newsletters, and you can always find all the holiday content here:

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