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• Entendre dire

• Possessive de

• Father's Day Vocab

• Feminine Noun Endings

• -issime (Suffix)

• papoter - Mot du jour

• Holidays and Events

Entendre dire

Have you heard about the French expression entendre dire? Click to learn all about it.

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French possessive de

In English, we use 's (apostrophe s) to indicate that one noun possesses another. The French equivalent is the preposition de, with the order of the nouns reversed.

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Test yourself on French vocabulary for Fathers' Day in Fête des Pères, or take a look at the list.

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Feminine nouns

There are some patterns that can help you determine the gender of a new word - here are noun endings that are usually feminine.

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French suffix -issime

The French suffix -issime is added to adjectives and acts as an intensifier or superlative, adding meanings like "very," "extremely," or "most."

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Today's mot du jour is papoter. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

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Features related to holidays and events in the French-speaking world:

• la fête de la musique (21 juin)

• la Saint-Jean-Baptiste (24 juin)

• la fête du Canada (1er juillet)

• Bastille Day (14 juillet)

Useful expressions:

• bonne fête

• faire le pont

• Vive la France !

French holidays and celebrations