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• Numbers: Weights and Measures

• Videos for Listening Comprehension

• Reflexive Pronouns

• Changer les idées

• Re- Verbal Prefix

• Conditional Mood

Prices in French

Check your comprehension of French numbers by listening to random weights and measures.

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Yable - French videos

Eager for a new way to work on your French listening comprehension? Take a look at Yabla French, a subscription site with a massive collection of original videos featuring native speakers to help you learn and practice French at any level.

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Reflexive pronouns reiterate the subject, which may seem redundant, but in fact serves an important purpose: it indicates that the subject of the verb is performing that action on itself.

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French prefix

The French prefix re- can be added to hundreds of verbs to make new verbs. Depending on the first letter of the verb it's added to, re- has a few variations as well as some different meanings.

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Changer les idées

Clear your head with the idiomatic French expression changer les idées.

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French conditional

In English, we use the modal "would" plus a verb to talk about actions that may or may not take place, usually depending on whether a certain condition is met. The French equivalent to this construction is a conditional mood with a full set of conjugations for every verb. The uses of these two constructions are very similar.

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