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• Chercher midi à 14 heures

• Breton Accent

• Dictée : Au restaurant de la plage

• Translating Verb Conjugations

• Ç (c cédille)

• scier - Mot du jour

Chercher midi à 14h

Learn the French idiom chercher midi à 14 heures so that you don't complicate things.

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Put your French listening comprehension and sense of humor to the test with this faux news report poking fun at Brittany and the Breton accent.

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Practice your French listening comprehension with this B2-level dictée: Au Restaurant de la plage.

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Translating French verb conjugations

French and English have a number of important differences in verb tenses and moods, which can make translating all the different conjugations from one language to the other a bit tricky. Here's what to keep in mind when translating French verb conjugations into English.

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French cedilla

The little hook added under the letter c in French is a diacritical mark known as a cedilla, une cédille: ç. The letter c with the hook is called c cédille.

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Today's mot du jour is scier. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

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Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world:

• French vocab for Mardi Gras (5 March)

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