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• Suffix -

• Exclamative Adjectives

• Ilini French Videos

• Heureux au jeu, malheureux en amour

• Histoire de la Chandeleur

• Writing Challenge: Weekend in Lyon

• la falaise - Mot du jour

French suffix -ci

Unlike other French suffixes, -là does not create new words, but rather adds additional meaning to the nouns and pronouns it's added to.

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French exclamative adjectives

To express admiration, surprise, contempt, or another strong feeling about a noun, you can use the exclamative adjective quel, meaning "what (a)."

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Ilini French videos

Love watching French videos but have trouble understanding them? Ilini is perfect for independent students who need a bit of help when listening to French.

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Malhereux en amour, heureux au jeu

Test your luck with the French proverb Heureux au jeu, malheureux en amour.

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In France, the second day of the second month is called La Chandeleur. Learn about the history of this holiday and how it relates to crêpes.

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Practice your French translation and writing skills with this A2-level writing challenge:

Weekend in Lyon

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Today's mot du jour is la falaise. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

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Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world:

• French vocab for Valentine's Day  (14 février)

French holidays and celebrations