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• Heureux au jeu, malheureux en amour

• Histoire de la Chandeleur

• Writing Challenge: Weekend in Lyon

• Demonstrations and Strikes

• Shopping avec Norman

• Progress with Lawless French Sale

• le pinard - Mot du jour

Malhereux en amour, heureux au jeu

Test your luck with the French proverb Heureux au jeu, malheureux en amour.

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In France, the second day of the second month is called La Chandeleur. Learn about the history of this holiday and how it relates to crêpes.

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Practice your French translation and writing skills with this A2-level writing challenge:

Weekend in Lyon

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Manifestations et grèves

For better or for worse, demonstrations and strikes are an important part of French society. Here's some vocabulary to help you understand the news as well as links to further information.

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Go shopping with Norman in this funny, fast-paced video with interactive subtitles.


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Make the most of your study time with Progress with Lawless French. A Premium subscription (currently 10% off) offers a wealth of resources to help you improve your French.

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Today's mot du jour is le pinard. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

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Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world:

• Crêpe Day ~ La Chandeleur (2 février)

• French vocab for Valentine's Day  (14 février)

French holidays and celebrations