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• Demonstrative Pronouns

• Traditions de Noël réunionnaises

• Tomber dans la marmite

• Passé simple

• Dictée : Au cirque

• Gifts for French Lovers

• Daily Challenge: Advent Calendar

• une aile - Mot du jour

French demonstrative pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns (celui, celle, ceux, celles) replace a specific noun that was mentioned previously. In French, they must agree with the noun(s) in number and gender.

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Learn about Christmas in Réunion in this French listening comprehension exercise.


Tomber dans la marmite

Read this lesson to become passionate about the French expression tomber dans la marmite.

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Le passé simple

The passé simple is a single-word past tense, equivalent to English's simple past. However, the passé simple is a literary tense and is thus limited to formal writing, such as literature (including children's books), journalism, and historical accounts.

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Practice your French listening and writing skills with this A2-level dictée: Au cirque.

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Gifts for French lovers

Wondering what to buy for the Francophile on your list? Check out these ideas ranging from fanciful to practical - at least one is sure to thrill your favorite French lover.

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A tiny French challenge every day until Christmas - translate each seasonal term to reveal an image.

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Today's mot du jour is une aileSupport Lawless French to read the lesson.

Learn a word a day

Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world:

• French vocab for Christmas (25 décembre)

• French vocab for Kwanzaa (26 décembre)

• French vocab for New Year's (31 déc / 1er janvier)

French holidays and celebrations