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• Qui part premièrement ?

• Double Object Pronouns

• En vrac

• Manquer

• Regular -er Verbs Quiz

• une rubrique - Mot du jour

Dîner avec amis

What is it about people in France overstaying their welcome after a meal or meeting?

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French double pronoun order

Sometimes one pronoun just isn't enough. A sentence might need both a direct and indirect object, or a reflexive pronoun as well as an adverbial. When this happens, word order becomes an issue: how do you know which pronoun to place first? It's actually pretty easy, once you learn the rules.

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Manquer - to miss

The regular -er French verb manquer means "to miss," which seems straightforward enough, and yet it causes no end of confusion due to a strange turnaround it requires in a certain construction. Don't miss this lesson!

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En vrac

Take a look at this bulk lesson on the French expression en vrac.

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Test yourself on regular -er French verb conjugations with Mes colocs, or review the lesson.

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Learn about the official French proficiency tests: DILF, DELF, and DALF.

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Mot du jour - French word of the day

Today's mot du jour is une rubriqueSupport Lawless French to read the lesson.

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Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world:

• French vocab for US Thanksgiving (22 novembre)

• Vendredi fou (23 novembre)

• French vocab for Hanukkah (2 décembre)

French holidays and celebrations