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• Arriver

• Dîner en ville

• Unofficial Grammar Checkers

• Politeness

• Envoyer sur les roses

• Crêpe Day

The French verb arriver usually means "to arrive" or "to happen." It's a regular -er verb that requires être as its auxiliary verb in compound tenses/moods.

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Short listening exercise between a waiter and a couple ordering dinner.


It's not as good as asking a native speaker, but you can do a preliminary check of your French grammar with a search engine.

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French politeness

After bonjour, polite phrases like "please" and "thank you" are the most important French vocabulary you'll ever learn. When you visit France, knowing just these few phrases will go a long way, even if the very next thing you say is Parlez-vous anglais ?

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Envoyer sur les roses

Learn how to use the informal French idiom envoyer sur les roses before it sends you packing.

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Crêpe Day in France

La Chandeleur, le 2 février, est une fête catholique qui commémore la purification de la Vierge Marie et la présentation de l'enfant Jésus. En France, elle s'appelle également la Fête de la Lumière et le jour des crêpes.

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