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• À vs de with Verbs

• Present Participle as Adjective and Noun

• Chercher des poux

• Professions

• Vos projets professionnels (future quiz)

• une panne - Mot du jour

À vs de

The prepositions à and de are found in many verbal constructions that look very similar, but the choice of preposition makes all the difference.

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French present participle

When used as a noun or adjective, the present participle follows the same agreement rules as other nouns and adjectives, and some verbs have a different present participle conjugation for these usages.

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Chercher des poux

No need to quibble over the meaning of the French expression chercher des poux - just read this lesson.

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Professions - French vocabulary

Put your French to work by learning the French names for various crafts and trades.

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Test yourself on French future conjugations with Vos projets professionnels, or review the lesson.

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French dictée

Practice French listening comprehension, writing, and spelling at the same time with dictées from PwLF.

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Mot du jour - French word of the day

Today's mot du jour is une panneSupport Lawless French to read the lesson.

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Jours fériés - French public holidays

Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world:

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