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• Marie Curie

• Simple and Compound Conjugations of Être Verbs

• Introduction to French

• Tu m'étonnes

• Apocopes

• Les aventures parisiennes de Kimberly, ch 2

• French Tutors

Marie Curie

Marie Curie a été la première personne de l'histoire à être récompensée par deux prix Nobel dans deux domaines distincts de la science.


French simple and compound verb conjugations

Learn how each simple conjugation of être serves as the auxiliary verb for a corresponding compound tense or mood.

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Introduction to French

If you're just starting to learn French, you might find it interesting to learn some basics about French linguistics and grammar.

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Tu m'étonnes

Don't be surprised by the informal French expression tu m'étonnes.

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French apocopes

Many French nouns and adjectives have shortened forms called apocopes, which are created by dropping one or more syllables at the end of the word. Some of these are further modified by adding o to the end.

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Les aventures parisiennes de Kimberly

Read the second chapter of an intermediate-level novel written in the present tense.

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Studying French online has many benefits, as well as some limitations. If you want to get serious about learning French but can't handle a rigid class schedule, private classes are the way to go.

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