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• Expressions with faire

• Cycling Vocabulary

• Vive la France !

• Tu vs vous

• Prepositions of Place Quiz

• Allez les Bleus !

• justement - Mot du jour

• Upcoming Holidays + Events

French expressions with faire

The French verb faire, "to make" or "to do," is found in many essential and idiomatic expressions, including to pack, to pretend, and to make a big fuss. Learn these and scores of other French expressions featuring faire.

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French cycling terms

For all the bike enthusiasts and Tour de France fanatics out there, here are some French terms to help you enjoy your ride and get the most out of the competition.

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Vive la France !

Long live the French expression vive la France, and long live France!

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Tu vs vous

The distinction between tu and vous is one of the most confounding aspects of French, and one of the most basic. The influence it has on verb conjugations, adjectives, and pronouns is considerable, but more than that, the choice of tu or vous is a matter of etiquette.

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Test yourself on French prepositions of place with Où est Charlie ?, or review the lesson.

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Allez les Bleus !

Support the French team by learning about the slogan allez les Bleus !

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Patriotic French expressions

For Francophiles, the word "Bastille" is likely to conjure up memories (or dreams) of fireworks and military parades, because the idea of la Bastille is inherently linked to 14 July - at least for English speakers. Chez les Français, not so much. Here are 7 things you should know about la Bastille: the holiday, the prison, and the word itself.

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Mot du jour - French word of the day

Today's mot du jour is justement. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

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Jours fériés - French public holidays

Advance notice of upcoming holidays, celebrations, and other events with links to related content.

• Soccer World Cup Semi-Final: France v Belgium (10 July)

• Bastille Day (14 July)