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• Relearning French

• Bien entendu

• Past Participles

• Understanding Prices

• Expressions with matin / matinée

• Toulouse

• Mot du jour

Bonjour Paris !

Is your French as rusty as an old can? Did you live in France years ago or study it in high school—and promptly forget everything upon leaving? The fact is that language ability fades with lack of practice. If you used to know French but haven't spoken it in years or decades, the bad news is that it probably won't come rushing back all at once. But the good news is that you can relearn it much more quickly than if you were starting out without that previous knowledge.

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Bien entendu - French expression

Of course it must be understood that bien entendu is a formal expression.

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French past participle

Learn how to conjugate the past participle of regular verbs, as well as the past participles of the most common irregular verbs.

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Prices in French

See how well you can understand prices in French by listening to random numbers.

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French expressions with matin and matinéee

Learn some French expressions and phrases with the somewhat synonymous words matin and matinée.

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Place du Capitole Toulouse

La Place du Capitole est vraiment le cœur de Toulouse. Assez grande, elle est presque toujours pleine de piétons et, souvent, d'éventaires.

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Mot du jour - French word of the day

Lawless French offers two different types of mots du jour: one is very basic and free, the other is more detailed and requires a nominal monthly fee.

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