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• Le vendredi 13

• Subordinating Conjunctions

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• Liaisons


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Le vendredi treize

Bad luck or just another day? Find out in this lesson on the French expression vendredi treize.

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French subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions connect two unequal clauses: a main clause and a dependent or subordinate clause.

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Jouer - to play in French

Jouer is a regular -er French verb that can be a bit confusing when it comes time to decide which preposition should follow. Here's everything you need to know.

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When a word ending in a normally silent consonant is followed by a vowel or h muet, that consonant might be transferred onto the next word. This is called a liaison and it's one of the aspects of French pronunciation that can make it difficult to determine where one word ends and the next begins.

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The DELF B1 will test you on the four language skills in French: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Here's some info about what to expect as well as tips on how to prepare for the test.

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Mot du jour - French word of the day

Lawless French offers two different types of mots du jour: one is very basic and free, the other is more detailed and requires a nominal monthly fee.

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Jours fériés - French public holidays

If you're a French teacher and wish you knew about holiday content in time to prepare lessons and activities, you're in luck! Here's what's coming in the next month.  :-)

• La fĂȘte du muguet  (1er mai)

• La fĂȘte du travail  (1er mai)