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• C'est pas vrai

• Y (adverbial pronoun)

• Are you a Francophile?

• Un coup d'œil

• Accents

• Mots du jour

C'est pas vrai !

You don't know what this French expression means? C'est pas vrai !

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J'étais en France, j'y étais - French adverbial pronoun y

The adverbial pronoun y can replace a place or the object of the preposition à. Y is most commonly equivalent to "there," but may also be translated by a preposition plus "it."

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Do you love French and France? This quiz will tell you whether you qualify as a Francophile - but remember, it's just for fun.

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Un coup d'œil

Glance at this lesson to learn how to use the versatile French expression un coup d'œil.

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French accents

While French has the same alphabet as English, some of the letters have little decorations that can make them look and sound very different. In French, accents are essential: they're there for a reason, so you must include them when writing.

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Mot du jour - French word of the day

Lawless French offers two different types of mots du jour: one is very basic and free, the other is more detailed and requires a nominal monthly fee.

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