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• Sans

• Mots du jour

• Superlative Subjunctive

• À partir de

French speaking practice

One reason speaking French can be tricky is that by its very nature it requires at least one other person. But not to worry, finding people to talk to is easier than you might think, no matter where you live.

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Sans parapluie

The preposition sans is used similarly to its English equivalent "without," but not without a few differences.

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Mot du jour - French word of the day

Lawless French offers two different types of mots du jour: one is very basic and free, the other is more detailed and requires a nominal monthly fee.

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French superlative subjunctive

The subjunctive is optional with limits and superlatives: it depends on whether the speaker knows whether what s/he is saying is true.

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À partir de

You'll know how to use the French expression à partir de from the moment you read this lesson.

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