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• Fais voir

• Imperative

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• Telling Time

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Fais voir

Let's see if you know what the French expression fais voir means.

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French imperative

It's imperative to understand the imperative mood if you want to give orders, make requests, express desires, provide recommendations, offer advice, and prohibit actions.

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As if normal French pronunciation weren't hard enough, informal French pronunciation introduces a whole new set of issues, with many sounds being dropped or changed. Here are the potential problem areas.

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Telling time in French

Knowing how to tell time is essential for traveling, meeting up with friends, making appointments, and getting to work or school on time. Once you learn these formulas, you'll never have an excuse to be late again!

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Did you know that I teach Spanish as well? While that site is nowhere near as comprehensive as Lawless French, there's still a great deal of information for all of you Hispanophiles. Even better, it includes Progress with Lawless Spanish - check it out!

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