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• À tes souhaits

• Idiomatic Pronominal Verbs

• Chez le médecin

• Accueil des villes françaises (AVF)

À tes souhaits

This lesson on the French expression à tes souhaits is nothing to sneeze at.

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Idiomatic pronominal French verbs

Some French verbs use a reflexive pronoun to create a meaning different from (though often related to) the meaning of their non-pronominal siblings.

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Chez le médecin

Whether you have a chronic illness or come down with a common cold, you might have to visit the doctor during your travels. Here's some essential vocabulary for talking to doctors and getting the help you need.

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L'Accueil des villes françaises est une association dont le personnel se compose de bénévoles. Le but est d'aider les nouveaux arrivants dans une ville à s'y intégrer.

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Essential French tools

Learning and practicing French is easier, more effective, and more fun with the right tools. Here are some of my favorites.

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