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• Verb Timeline

• La galette des rois

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• Les aventures parisiennes de Kimberly

• Prepositional phrases

• En faire tout un fromage

French verb timeline

This table shows how all 24 French verb tenses and moods fit together. Click any link for a detailed lesson on that tense-mood combination.

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Galette des roisListen and/or read to learn about the delicious galette des rois and its traditional early January celebration.

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Back to school sale

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Les aventures parisiennes de Kimberly

Read the first chapter of an intermediate-level novel written in the present tense.

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French prepositions

A prepositional phrase, also called a compound preposition and a complex preposition, is a group of words including at least one preposition which, together, play the role of a preposition.

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En faire tout un fromage

Don't make a big deal about the informal French expression en faire tout un fromage.

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