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• Connectives

• Les Misérables

• Essential Tools

• Faire un froid de canard

• Games, Sports, Hobbies

French connectives

Connectives are links: they combine words, phrases, or sentences. Connectives do not constitute a single part of speech, but rather a category of terms including all conjunctions and prepositions as well as certain types of adverbs and pronouns used in this way.

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Read the first chapter of Victor Hugo's classic French novel Les Misérables, in French and English.

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Essential French tools

Learning and practicing French is easier, more effective, and more fun with the right tools. Here are some of my favorites.

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Faire un froid de canard

Try not to get too cold with the French idiom faire un froid de canard.

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French hobbies, sports, and games

Even if you love working on your French, sometimes you just need to play! Learn the French equivalents of your favorite games, sports, and hobbies and the verbs to use with them.

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