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• Stem-Changing Verbs

• Mot du jour : un soulier

• Joyeux Noël !

• Possessive Adjectives

• Meilleurs vœux !

• Gifts for French Lovers

French stem-changing verb

Stem-changing verbs, also known as "shoe verbs" or "boot verbs," take the same conjugation endings as regular -er verbs, but have two different verb stems depending on the grammatical person the verb is conjugated for.

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A seasonal word of the day.

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Joyeux Noël !

I hope you had yourself a merry Christmas - learn about the French expression joyeux Noël.

Merry Christmas!

French possessive adjectives

Read my lesson to improve your knowledge of French possessive adjectives, which are used in front of nouns to indicate to whom or what those nouns belong.

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Meilleurs voeux !

My best wishes to you as you read this lesson on the French expression meilleurs vœux.

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Gifts for French lovers

Wondering what to buy for the Francophile on your list? Check out these ideas ranging from fanciful to practical - at least one is sure to thrill your favorite French lover.

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