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• Using Impersonal Expressions

• Hanukkah Vocabulary

• En souffrance

• Direct Objects ~ COD

Using French impersonal expressions

Impersonal expressions use an impersonal subject: "it" in English, and il or ce in French. The meaning of the two French pronouns is identical, but ce is a bit informal and therefore more common when speaking, whereas il is more common in writing.

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French Hanukkah vocabulary

Happy Hanukkah! This festival lasts for eight days sometime between late November and the end of each year. Learn some French vocabulary related to this Jewish holiday.

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En souffrance

Don't wait to read this lesson on the French expression en souffrance.

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French direct objects

A direct object is a noun, whether person or thing, that someone or something acts upon or does something to. In both French and English, direct objects are often replaced with direct object pronouns (COD): me, te, le, la, nous, vous, les.

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