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• Aphereses

• Candide (Excerpt)

• French Advent Calendar

• Present Participle ~ Gerund

• Trempé comme une soupe

French aphereses

A few dozen French words have a shortened form called an apheresis or aphaeresis, which is created by dropping one or more syllables at the beginning of the word. Some of these are further modified by adding an extra sound to the end.

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Test your reading comprehension with the first chapter of Voltaire's classic French novel Candide, in French and English.

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Translate a French word to open each door in this French Advent calendar.

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French present participle

The French present participle, which always ends in -ant, may be used as a verb, gerund, noun, or adjective. Structurally, French present participles are equivalent to "verb + ing" in English, but grammatically there are many differences between them.

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Trempé comme une soupe

Don't get caught in the rain with the French idiom trempé comme une soupe.

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