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• Trempé comme une soupe

• Present Participle ~ Gerund

• Expressions with français

• O - Pronunciation

Trempé comme une soupe

Don't get caught in the rain with the French idiom trempé comme une soupe.

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French present participle

The French present participle, which always ends in -ant, may be used as a verb, gerund, noun, or adjective. Structurally, French present participles are equivalent to "verb + ing" in English, but grammatically there are many differences between them.

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Expressions with francais

You know that "French" in French is français, but did you know this word also used in many idiomatic expressions? Learn to speak broken French, plain French, perfect French, and more with this list of expressions with français.

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French pronunciation

The letter O has two different pronunciations in French: an open sound and a closed sound.

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