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• Tomber dans les pommes

• Halloween Vocabulary

• Spooky Sale at PwLF

• Falloir Expressions

• DALF C2 Tips

Tomber dans les pommes

Don't faint when you read this lesson on the French idiom tomber dans les pommes.

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French Halloween vocabulary

Halloween is not a French holiday, though each passing year sees a few more bits and pieces of it imported to France. Nevertheless, learning the French translations for Halloween vocabulary can be fun, especially for younger students. 'Appy 'Alloween! :-)

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It's almost Halloween! Time for dreadful disguises, tricky treats, frightful food, and ... a Spooky Sale? That's right, Progress with Lawless French is saying RIP to the regular price: monthly subscriptions are 31% off until All Hallow's Eve.

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French expressions with falloir

The impersonal French verb falloir literally means "to be necessary" or "to need" and is used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to say far from it, that's more than we need, it takes all kinds, and more with this list of expressions with falloir.

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The DALF C2 will test you on the four language skills: reading/writing and listening/speaking. Here's what you can expect from this high-level French proficiency test.

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