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Bonjour tout le monde !

It's Sunday once again, that day of the week when, as a self-employed person, I struggle between getting some extra work done and taking a little break. As you can see, work is currently winning, because I want to share The 38 Elemental Sounds of French Master Class with you.

Elemental sounds of French

If you have trouble with French pronunciation and/or listening comprehension but can't take a class, hire a tutor, or go to France, this webinar is just what you need. It includes 6 hours of video lectures, including

• Five language learning life lessons

• Oral vowels

• Nasal vowels

• Consonants

• From sounds to syllables

as well as IPA drills and multimedia listening and pronunciation exercises.

For the next three days, lifetime access to the course is on sale for $97 and includes bonus content for early adopters:

• Intonation lecture

• Transcription practice

• IPA flash decks

• Elemental sound tracks

Elemental sounds of French, Spanish, Portuguese, GermanPlus, you can add the other three pronunciation Master Classes - Spanish, Portuguese, and German - for $50 more.

Buy now: The 38 Elemental Sounds of French Master Class

OK, enough with the spiel. I hope you have a lovely Sunday and I'll see you again in my regularly scheduled Tuesday newsletter.

Bonne journée !