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Bonne année et bonne santé !

It's 2017 - the first day of an exciting and hopefully joyful brand-new year. Yesterday I made a list of major events in my life in 2016 (they're on my personal Facebook page, if you follow me there) and today I'm looking at Lawless French. This site is now just over 2½ years old, but I feel like I've made some great progress with it. Out of curiosity, I looked at the pages that were most popular during the year, and thought I'd share them with you in case you missed them - or loved them so much that you want to revisit.  :-)

Vive la FranceTop expression
Vive la France !


Top listening exercise
10 clichés français

Top reading exercise
20.000 lieus sous les mers

Top pronunciation lesson

Texting in FrenchTop vocabulary lesson
Texting / SMS

Top grammar lesson
Passé composé vs imparfait

Top quiz
Telling time


Learn something new

I've also been exploring Wyzant, a site that brings together thousands of instructors who offer private lessons in just about any topic you can think of, from academic subjects and test prep to musical instruments and sports. I was originally just idly browsing their French tutors out of curiosity (they are available for both face-to-face lessons and online chat lessons), but now I think I might sign up for guitar lessons - I've always wanted to learn, so this would make a good New Year's Resolution. If you have any learning-related resolutions, I encourage you to check them out.


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Bon dimanche et bonne année !

LKL  :-)