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• Impersonal Expressions

• Mot du jour : une pente

• Zodiac Signs

• Mettre sa langue dans sa poche

• Suffix -age

• Teachers/Tutors: French Study Groups

French impersonal expressions

Impersonal expressions consist of an impersonal subject ("it" in English; il or ce in French) and the verb ĂȘtre followed by an adjective: c'est difficile, il est important, etc.

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An interesting word to start a new month.

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Zodiac - French vocabulary

Whether you are really into astrology, enjoy reading your horoscope for a bit of fun, or just want to be able to ask and answer that classic pick-up line, this page on signs of the zodiac can help.

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Mettre sa langue dans sa poche

You don't have to say anything, but you should read this lesson on the French idiom mettre sa langue dans sa poche.

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French suffix -age

The French suffix -age is added to verbs or nouns to make new nouns, which are always masculine.

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French StudyGroups

By organizing students into free StudyGroups, teachers and tutors can review their Progress with Lawless French stats, both individually and collectively.

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