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• Numerical adjectives and nouns

• French Advent calendar

• Grâce à

• Subjunctive conjugations

• De vs du, de la, des

French numbers

French and English have five different types of numbers used for different purposes and with varying functions: they act like adjectives and/or nouns.

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Translate a French word to open each door in this French Advent calendar.

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Grâce à - French expression

Wondering what the French expression grâce à means? Thanks to this lesson, you're about to find out.

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French subjunctive

To make up for the difficulty in knowing when to use the French subjunctive, the conjugations are relatively easy.

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De vs du, de la, des

The preposition de can be very difficult for French students, even at advanced levels. Knowing whether to use du, de la, or des rather than just de can be a real challenge! This lesson is a detailed explanation of when to use the preposition de all by itself and when to use the indefinite article, partitive article, or de + definite article (which looks like the partitive - but isn't. Ugh!)

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