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Whether you're heading back into the classroom, sticking with virtual lessons, or teaching your very first French class, the 2020 school year promises to be one for the books. This special edition of the Lawless French newsletter has lots of resources I hope will help you teach French.

If you're not a teacher, don't worry - if you're not interested in any of the links below, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled newsletter on Tuesday with lessons and practice exercises ... and a special announcement about a new Lawless site!

Bon dimanche !

In This Issue

  • First Day of French
  • French Class Phrases
  • Online Tools for Teachers
  • Lesson Plans
  • Francophonie Project
  • Independent Study
  • French Studygroups
  • Holidays and Events

First Day of French

First French class
No matter if you're a brand-new teacher or an experienced prof, it can be daunting to meet new students and introduce them to the wonderful world of French. Here are some ideas shared by French teachers for getting started on the first day of French class.

French Class Phrases

French class phrases
The best way to encourage students to speak French in the classroom (or on Zoom!) is to make sure that they know how to say all the things that they need to say. Once you teach them these useful words and phrases, your students should be able to avoid speaking English during any normal class interaction.

Online Teaching Tools

Teaching French online
French teachers can benefit from specialized tools to help them assign and grade homework, track students' progress, assess classes, and more. Here are my favorite online learning sites that offer dedicated tools and spaces for teachers.

Lesson Plans

The lessons and other pages indexed here include a selection of links to topical French lesson plans. Just scroll down to the related links section and look for the apple!

Francophonie Project

Francophonie projectg
Researching a francophone region or country and writing a report or country study is an interesting project for French classes or for independent studiers looking to spice up their self-instruction. This project is perfect as a long-term activity for intermediate and advanced students, though it can also be adapted for beginners.

Independent Study

French independent study
Need some advice for students wanting to go further? Lawless French is packed with lessons and tips which can be supplemented with other resources to study independently as efficiently as possible.

Studygroups at PwLF

French Studygroups
By organizing students into Studygroups, teachers can review their Progress with Lawless French stats, both individually and collectively. Your Studygroup Coordinator account is always free.

As for students, basic accounts (with limited, ongoing monthly access) are free, and there are substantial discounts for bulk purchases of Premium accounts (with unlimited kwizzes, weekly dictées and writing challenges, and interactive brainmaps).

Holidays and events

I try to include links to holidays and events coming within the next month or so in the regular newsletters, and you can always find all the holiday content here.

Lawless French Tips and Tools

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